Warhammer 40k -Lure of the expanse

Mission Log 7

Mission Log:

The first elder falls as it is Blasted off the edge of the tower, the look of shock on the other eldars faces tells the profound effect of each and every loss. With a flash another warlock breaks its sealed psychic bubble and begins to attack. Making a swift attack with its elongated sword, the blade missed Tabitha narrowly in thime for her to counter with an attack which brishes of the Eldars armour. Imperfectly trying to assist his comrade Darrius takes a shot with his Helpistol and striking Tabitha in the leg. A flurry of fire is exchanged with no real damage incurred intil a shot makes contact with Dal Hon dropping him to the floor in agony. Enraged by this Atari goes berserk swinging his power axe around but failing to make contact with any enemy. Seeing this as an opportunity to strike Picard nails a few shots injuring the standing warlocks and finished off by Eidward and his conversation Ender. The Eldar makes another swing for Tabitha  missed and instantly regrets its mistake as tw swift strikes later the Eldar is decapitated. Gaining the upper hand the group deals with the Eldar like there is no tomorrow until just one remained in its bubble. With a shudder the real world partially phases put dropping the majority of the team and leaving Atari and Coraine dangeling on the edge of existence. Atari is able to make it back up, whilst Corlaine is saved by his lover…. Who falls into the after saving him. Corliane shrugs this off.

At the top of the tower the final elder looks as if he is about to finish of its spell. In last ditch attempts the group fires on all cylinders: flamers, axes, mind bullets and guns to no avail conjuring up some significant willpower Captain Picard raises her hand through the barrier taking a shot hitting the elder directly bringing down the shield. Kneeling there Eidward walks up to the Eldar and attempts to kick him off the tower slipping on a nearby blood spill and falling over himself only saved from certain death through Atari’s superb tendril action. Picard then finishes off the elder with a single shot.

With the action over the group regroups and see’s what they have been standing on is a STAR MAP with several planets on it but due to damage the location of the dread pearl is unknown. Darrius takes a reading of the map and is able to pinpoint the exact location of two of the planets. Using the intercom the team hails the ship and Jermiah Clerkson sends down a transport ship and helps the group blow the structure. The group have been made aware that ther ship is currenty under attack. Manning all decks the ship takes no damage from the elder vessel and in a quick and swift counter attack the groups own vessel annihilates the elder vessel completely.

Eldar and Sex: the Hunt for the Plasma Gun

Me = Eidward, Toaster = Atari, Sex Man = Corlane, Three-Eyes = Darrius, Twig = Dal, Boss = Joan, Blood Gal = Lilith, Space Gnomes = Eldar

  • Me and Toaster attempt to contact the ship, fail. Were ordered to travel back to shuttle to fix it up and bring random Totum.
  • Sex Man, continuing his travel, bums his ay through the woods. Twig attempts to to contact, but he is busy bumming.
  • Get milk
  • Buy spanners
  • The rest of the group travels to the city. Three-Eyes is stabbed by a splinter.
  • Phone mum.
  • Arriving at the city, the group sees a moving shimmer and decides to wait until dark.
  • I stay as far from the toaster as possible at all times. He smells.
  • The group moves up to wall, attempts to sneak up on shimmer. Fails to realise it’s a shimmer and this is not Deus Ex.
  • Boss is asking for canapés.
  • Hearing voices bemoaning their jobs watching a wall, they decide a plan.
  • Begin Operation Creep Around the Arch and shoot the fuck out of them AKA Operation Orpheus.
  • Remember to take pills.
  • Punch toaster in the face.
  • Twig steps on a twig like an amateur. Fight breaks out.
  • Toaster decides to chicken out and goes the wrong way.
  • I journey on alone. Like a boss.
  • Remember to knit tea cosy.
  • Three-Eyes hides bravely behind rock.
  • Toaster scales the wall.
  • I journey through the woods. Alone.
  • #lizardflail #excelscior
  • They win.
  • Sex guy arrives and promptly has sex.
  • I arrive having gone the wrong way (used fate point).
  • Gets attacked by weird blue fire. Twig falls asleep and has a scary dream which drives her mad.
  • Buy salt for meats.
  • Enemy falls asleep. Toaster pulls pins of grenades and murders eight sleeping people and sends plasma weapon soaring. Blood Gal is very upset, Sex Guy runs for the weapon.
  • I brake communication box #SAD
  • Space Gnomes make weird magic. We climb tower.
  • We fight space gnomes. One goes tumbling, then there were five. Two get shot in different legs. Big Glowing Guy (BGG) looks dangerous. Toaster is ineffective. Conversation Ender works like a dream. Space gnomes are weak ass.
  • Were’s kitty? What's the name of the ship?
  • Remember the osolottes.
Session 5

To preface this diary I Darrius Benetek, Scion of house Benetek have deemed it prudent to record a diary of the expedition to this mysterious planet. I came to this conclusion after a mega fauna indigenous to this world attempted to destroy our landing shuttle, and began to worry if we were to ever leave this planet. In the event that our away team perishes I hope anyone finding these notes may gleam some useful information from them

<u>Day 1.</u>

After the initial assault on our vessel Captain Picard decided we should venture towards the structure the elder landed at while we still had some hours of day light remaining. As the sun set we began to worry if we had sufficient supplies to set up camp, however as luck would have it Jeremiah Clerkson was very thorough in ensuring we were well equipped, even thinking to include Glowglobes. After we settled for the night, we decided it was in our best interest to take shifts watching the camp throughout the night to prevent any further unsavoury surprises.

Most unfortunately during my watch the camp was attacked by yet more local fauna, which I failed to notice as they approached. The beasts looked like what could only be described as human sized, winged insect creatures. These beasts also seemed to lack any form visual organ, seemingly utilising some form of echolocation. Their attack began when one of them attempted to lift me into the air and I can only assume drag me back to their nest. Luckily, however after attempting to get my crew mates attention Archmillitant Dal Hon heard the commotion and vanquished the creature with a single shot. I fell to the ground unharmed as it had not been long since I was snatched by the winged beast. In the ensuring fire fight a great many of the beasts were slain, however it seemed their numbers were only growing. Things were beginning to seem hopeless until Void Master Eidwar Duval had the ingenious idea of interfering with the echolocation of the creatures using the grenades, that once again I am thankful to Jeremiah Clerkson for thinking to include in the shuttle supplies. After the explosion went off the whole crew hit the deck as the insects flew away, attracted by the incredibly loud noise. We remained stationary like that for almost an hour as we waited for the insect swarm to disperse, worried that the swarm would return. It seemed however once dawn broke that the creature had perhaps returned to their nest, I can only assume the species is nocturnal in nature.


Day 2.

Once the camp had been packed up, the expedition once again set out towards the mysterious shining pillar. Atari Snes believes it will be at least another day or two before we are able to reach our destination, which I feel cannot come soon enough. On this planet a single day and already attacked twice by the local wild life, it really doesn’t bode well for our continued survival. At around mid morning we were contacted Corlaine Du Voss, head of the other expedition team. If I am completely honest I believed he had perished during his emergency crash landing, if the large pillar of smoke on the horizon the previous day was to give any indication. He informed us of his co-ordinates and agreed with Captain Picard to take what remained of his own expedition crew and rendezvous with us at the pillar.

As the main force continued its trek we came across a river, which at the time we thought reasonable to follow as it seemed to head in the direction of our destination. This proved to be a terrible idea, as after following the river for several hours Sister Lilith noticed several large ripples on the top of the water. These ripples turned out to be yet more highly aggressive and dangerous examples of this planets ecosystem. A 20ft long reptilian beast burst forth from the river and attempted to drag Lilith and Eidwar to a watery grave, yet due to Lilith’s warnings were able to dive out of the way just in time. The Reptile then returned into the water, assumingly preparing for another lunge and so the entire party ran for cover in tree line, as well as Lilith throwing several grenades into the water for good measure.

We had managed to cover approximately 18km during the day light hours, making good time so we may yet reach the pillar by tomorrow. Once again camp was set up, ensuring we were a comfortable distance from the accursed river. Much like the previous night we all took shifts on the watch, but now that we were aware of the swarming insects made sure to keep noises and movement to a minimum.

Day 3.

The night passed by uneventfully aside from a minor scare in which Picard had caught the attention of a straggler from the main insect swarm, luckily she was quick to put it down with her blade and so nothing came of the incident. Shortly after dawn Corlaine contacted us via radio to inform us the majority of his party was silently abducted in the night. Unable to do much about it at present we pressed on.

Not long after we had set out, the expedition happened upon a rather unusual rock formation. I however was quick to identify this as a totem of Wraithbone, a psychic sensitive material utilised in a great deal of elder construction. Being unable to pass up on such a find, I enlisted the help of Atari, Picard and Eidwar to assist me in transporting the exquisite xenos artefact. Lilith and Dal Hon, not having a taste for such things decided to continue up a nearby ridge to scout ahead.

They came back a few minutes later fairly shaken. Apparently up ahead was a cavern full of bodies belonging to the ship’s crew. This was where Corlaine’s missing expedition members had ended up. In addition the pair had also happened upon the ruins of an elder settlement. Bizarrely as Lilith was relaying this information a cat-like animal approached her from a nearby bush. Not deterred by the beings presence, she attempted to feed it some of her trail rations which it seemed to enjoy a great deal. The xenos appeared to have selected the missionary as her new master or some such nonsense, refusing to leave her side. The whole exchange seemed rather uncharacteristic for a woman so seemingly cold and staunch in her faith.

Session Four

The vents were shut down,

Fifty seven hours left,

Until we all die


Snes tries to defuse,

But the reactor prevails,

51 remain


Untied Tech Priests,

Attempt to help Atari,

Two to surgery


Mutineers must die,

Sentenced in the airlock,

Given to dark space


Atari succeeds,

With three hours left until doom,

Five days of nothing


A blip on the screen,

No response to our hailing,

Choose to ignore it


Twelve days in the warp,

Narrowly missing black hole,

Arrive unscathed


One planet one star,

Twenty Stryaxis orbit,

Hail to trade with them


Corlaine goes aboard,

Hears a new ship approaching,

Returns with boxes


Eldar ship arrives,

Sends shuttle down to planet,

We scan it’s like earth


Launch two small shuttles,

Landing is unfortunate,

A loud sound is heard


Big ass Dragonfly,

Amorous toward shuttle,

Causing much damage


We battle the bug,

Atari fixes turret,

Blows enemy up


Corlaine spots Eldar,

He goes to seek their shuttle,

Apart from us all


On the horizon,

We spot a column of smoke,

We head towards it

Session 3
Lilith logs #1


:From:-Lilith Immaculata:-

:To:-Cannoness Maya Redmist of the order of the crimson shroud:-



Our objective (an invitation into a sealed complex) lay in a rundown building converted into an auction house. Believing that our resources were insufficient to win a bidding war Arch-Militant Dal Hon enacted a plan to fill the surrounding streets with scouts to find and accost the victor.

Entering the premises was more difficult than expected but Lady Joan-Laurie Picard managed to talk us past. After a brief wait the auction began, of the few that won we were amongst them.  Of note were two individuals – a rogue trader by the name of Madame Annabelle who had in her possession a demon artefact  (A toenail) and a feckwadd who had a blessed dagger appropriated by Exploritor  Atari Snes used by Lady picard to win us an invite.

I followed the artefacts as far as i was able. They were last seen being taken into the seven sisters complex that we needed the invItation to enter.

Reconvening with the team as they approached the complex, Lady Picard produced the invite and gained us entry. Inside were the other winners of the bidding war and seven unbound high grade psyker. Our Exploritor proved exceptionally weak willed and gave in to the aura that surrounds such individuals and in his terror attacked us but was dealt with by Seneishal Corlaine , The sisters then induced visions of our destination in everyone but myself and Lady Picard as our will was too strong. 

After which we raced to the  ship d attempted  to divine the path needed to warp travel to the distant and unchartered world. After Navigator Darrius found the path we cast off only to immediately run into a problem. Corlaine had previously antagonized the Footfall's "Regent" who opened fire with footfall's defense batteries. A brief stand-off occured before Void master Eidward raised shields and left orbit and entered the  warp.

Travel was fast . Too fast the Navigatior incautiously bumped a warp shole and the Geller field flickered and an ominous feeling filled the vessel, something known to me as a warp entity had entered the ship. After a prayer to calm the crew i took arch-militant Dal and Lady Picard and several squads of militia men to hunt the fiend after a tense stand-off in the darkened corridors of the aft section the militia men utilzed their auspex devices to track movement in abandoned section. Findnding the beast feeding on a dead crew member we ambushed it and filled it with las fire till it dispersed. After  reclaiming the dead crew and saying a prayer for their souls we continued in the warp.

Until Tech Priest Jeremiah Clercson came to the bridge with an urgent message. Four Enginseers had vanished without a trace.  All team members bar Void master Eidward and navigator Darrius went to investigate.  After a brief investigation and sending  a few servo skulls down the ventilation shaft we tracked the missing Enginseers to the plasma generator where several deserters had kidnapped them. To demand passage of the ship Lady Picard and myself talked them out of the generator room and placed them in the brig.

This ends current log will send another when able.






Adventure 1a: First Steps on Footfall!

Adventure 1: First Steps on Footfall!

After a long voyage across the stars on the La Mouette Noir seeking renown and glory the newly acquired frigate descends and successfully docks of Footfall the last Imperial stronghold before the unknown Koronus Expanse. A tip off from another Rogue Trader (Nihlus Picard);the brother of current RT of the La Moutte Noir, Joan-Laurie Picard, has led the group to Footfall to discover information about  the Foretelling of the Seven Witches, which will lead the great riches for those who can uncover it’s truth. The crew consisting of Darrius Benetek (Navigator), Eidward Dural (Void Master), Dal Hon (Arch Militant), Corlaine Du Voss (Senschal), Lilith Immaculaka (Sister of Battle), Atari Snes (really matt? – it’s hilarious so it’s sticking) & Rogue Trader Joan, take their first steps on solid land in a fair while.

The overwhelming stench of Footfall greets our adventurers as they step into a world of scum and villainy. Walking down the ramparts a group of tall avian like Xenos are intermixing with imperium citizens, a strange sight to some of our adventurers and a heretical sin to others. The four Xenos begin to approach the group and in broken Low Gothic  start to communicate with them. Understanding the Xenos are offering their services in exchange for wares the group tries to make enquiries about Footfall supplying the Xenos with 20 las rifles and grenades in exchange before they are rudely interrupted by another group of intoxicated individuals sprouting hatred   and disgust at the very idea of Human and Xenos of conversing #takebackcontrolofthiscountry #350millionfortheadeptus . In attempts to calm them down  Joan, Corlaine, Eidward try to talk down the individuals, mostly failing to instil logic into the group Dal uses his presence to intimidate and scare off the group, scaring away 4 of the group. Two of the more drunk individuals opt to try their chances and take back control from these snowflakes and attack! Both missing their targets the group fights back with Dal missing his first punch and Eidward losing his footing and almost smacking Joan in the face to be parried expertly back into the direction of the drunkards knocking him down! Knowing that the unreasonable snowflakes aren’t gonna budge the drunk calls out for support from the local Weaverspans Tavern so unite the right and beat down these xenos lovers.

Through all the commotion Lilith’s inner hatred and compulsion to deal swiftly with any heretical xenos attacks to Xenos identified as Kroot and successfully takes off one of their legs. Corlaine understanding the seriousness of the situation calls back to the ship and commands the crew comes a=out and supports their leaders.  Joan’s smooth charm, sincerity and response to the act agains the Kroot manages to convince them the stand with the crew in order repeal the attackers.  As the crown comes closer the crew from the ship start  shambleing out from the loading back  and are somewhat hesistant to follow the instructions of the leadership team or outright doesn’t hear them, ecentually forming a barrier surrounding the leaders. As the drunk mob approaches Atari runs full speed into the crown swinging hs power axe gutting four of them and routing a good chunk in fear.  Unable to follow the orders of the Rogue Trader Lillith tries to convert some of the crew to assist in the massacre of the xenos converting 5  who consider that option. Dal tackles lillith the the ground and is then bound by Dal to stop the mutiny and the 5 soldiers return to their positions. Further threats and gunpower scares off the remaining group and all appears to have eased at the docks.

50xp for everyone!

Adventure Log
Congratulations Rogue Trader

Dear Rogue Trader,

I would like to wish you many congratulations on your newest endeavor as the first rogue trader of the newest branch of our families dynasty. It seemed like only yesterday your father bought you into the the bridge and introduced you to the stars of the Koronus Expanse. Even when living at home you eagered for the stars, the glory and the renown of our line of work.

You have served me well throughout the years and now it's your turn to make something new from our old dynasty. Our family name should go someway to helping achieve your ambition but in the void of space you will need more than an old name to pave your way in this galaxy. I know it's not much but I have spared you one of our sword-class frigates and some men to help you keep this old girl going.

I must admit I find your companion choices to be on the interesting side of things but who am I to say anything your keen judgment is how you have got to where you are today. A word of advice however, remember to listen to the advice of those you choose to keep company  and make informed decisions before you act. The life we live is not as black and white as that of those who live within the mainstream Imperium and whatever freedom we gain from life outside imperium boundaries is lost once we are back in Imperium Space.

I know what your thinking, new ship, endless space and places to explore, where do I start? I mean what kind of mentor would I be if I didn't provide you with any potential leads to follow! One of my own agents has informed me of a foretelling on Footfall that would lead to unfathomable riches and renown to any lucky human who can get their hands on the bounty. This may be a successful way to start your dynasty. But then again it could be worth establishing your first colony in the expanse for you to get a foothold for your future endeavors. I have provided you the location of a relatively untouched star system where you could make yourself a new home. This is just advice but feel free to follow your instincts.

Your loving brother,



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