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Adventure 1a: First Steps on Footfall!

Adventure 1: First Steps on Footfall!

After a long voyage across the stars on the La Mouette Noir seeking renown and glory the newly acquired frigate descends and successfully docks of Footfall the last Imperial stronghold before the unknown Koronus Expanse. A tip off from another Rogue Trader (Nihlus Picard);the brother of current RT of the La Moutte Noir, Joan-Laurie Picard, has led the group to Footfall to discover information about  the Foretelling of the Seven Witches, which will lead the great riches for those who can uncover it’s truth. The crew consisting of Darrius Benetek (Navigator), Eidward Dural (Void Master), Dal Hon (Arch Militant), Corlaine Du Voss (Senschal), Lilith Immaculaka (Sister of Battle), Atari Snes (really matt? – it’s hilarious so it’s sticking) & Rogue Trader Joan, take their first steps on solid land in a fair while.

The overwhelming stench of Footfall greets our adventurers as they step into a world of scum and villainy. Walking down the ramparts a group of tall avian like Xenos are intermixing with imperium citizens, a strange sight to some of our adventurers and a heretical sin to others. The four Xenos begin to approach the group and in broken Low Gothic  start to communicate with them. Understanding the Xenos are offering their services in exchange for wares the group tries to make enquiries about Footfall supplying the Xenos with 20 las rifles and grenades in exchange before they are rudely interrupted by another group of intoxicated individuals sprouting hatred   and disgust at the very idea of Human and Xenos of conversing #takebackcontrolofthiscountry #350millionfortheadeptus . In attempts to calm them down  Joan, Corlaine, Eidward try to talk down the individuals, mostly failing to instil logic into the group Dal uses his presence to intimidate and scare off the group, scaring away 4 of the group. Two of the more drunk individuals opt to try their chances and take back control from these snowflakes and attack! Both missing their targets the group fights back with Dal missing his first punch and Eidward losing his footing and almost smacking Joan in the face to be parried expertly back into the direction of the drunkards knocking him down! Knowing that the unreasonable snowflakes aren’t gonna budge the drunk calls out for support from the local Weaverspans Tavern so unite the right and beat down these xenos lovers.

Through all the commotion Lilith’s inner hatred and compulsion to deal swiftly with any heretical xenos attacks to Xenos identified as Kroot and successfully takes off one of their legs. Corlaine understanding the seriousness of the situation calls back to the ship and commands the crew comes a=out and supports their leaders.  Joan’s smooth charm, sincerity and response to the act agains the Kroot manages to convince them the stand with the crew in order repeal the attackers.  As the crown comes closer the crew from the ship start  shambleing out from the loading back  and are somewhat hesistant to follow the instructions of the leadership team or outright doesn’t hear them, ecentually forming a barrier surrounding the leaders. As the drunk mob approaches Atari runs full speed into the crown swinging hs power axe gutting four of them and routing a good chunk in fear.  Unable to follow the orders of the Rogue Trader Lillith tries to convert some of the crew to assist in the massacre of the xenos converting 5  who consider that option. Dal tackles lillith the the ground and is then bound by Dal to stop the mutiny and the 5 soldiers return to their positions. Further threats and gunpower scares off the remaining group and all appears to have eased at the docks.

50xp for everyone!


Great stuff. Although this write up makes us sound 10 times better than we were!

asmelson93 bren777

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