Lilith Immaculata



Standing 5 foot 8 inches tall with silvery white hair and green eyes. Lilith has sevaral facial and body scars and a tatoo of a fluir de leas on her forehead and always wears a Red Shroud around her shoulders.


Lilith grew up in the Schola Prognium on the planet of Wardens rest. Given the name of Immaculata when her test scores and faith proved sufficient to be entered into trials to join the Adepta Sororitas (Sisters of Battle).

The next several years of her life were filled with gruelling tests and long hours of prayer, that hardened her will and tempered her insincts.

The trials whittled down the candidate’s from hundreds down to five Lilith amongst them. These five became the newest initiates of The Order of The Crimson Shroud.

After distinguishing herself in the finding of heretics, melee combat and her dedication to the Imperial Creed. Lilith was ordeded to fill the role of missionary for the [rouge trader] dynasty when they called in a minor favor the order owed them.

Lilith Immaculata

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