Eidwar Duval (J-4421B)

Void Master


Duval has had a very hard life, having grown up as one of countless unnamed slaves on the Forge Worlds of the Imperium. This has given him a very bleak and cynical view of the universe and its people, but it has also harden him. Due to the cruelty of the Tech-Priests Duval has sworn revenge on the Tech-Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Physically Duval is large and grim, covered in scars and burns. He has also had several organs replaced with mechanical parts.


Duval was born on the Forge World of Ryza. Created along with his thousands of brothers and sisters in the slave farms to work night and day in the factories for the Adeptus Mechanicus. Due to the hormones used to both speed up his ageing cycle, and make him capable of performing the inhuman slave labour for the Tech-Priests, Duval lost the ability to kill reproduce.
His life was spent attempting to survive amidst the slave factories and the cruel insane slaves who populated the planet. His childhood was one of pain and suffering.
At the age of about 15 he was taken by the Tech-Priests, as many of slaves are. For a month he was tortured and experimented on by the Priests. However one day Duval managed to use the Priests lack of attention and managed to escape. Running for three days and nights he came to one of the space stations, and killing a man for his money and clothes (leaving him amongst the piles of death on Ryza) and managed to buy passage on a leaving ship. With that Duval left his old life and name behind, adopting a new name and life.
With his skill in building ships he managed to make a good living as an engineer, before being contacted by a Rogue Trader who had need of his skills as a ship engineer.

Eidwar Duval (J-4421B)

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