Dal Hon



Tall, muscular and heavily tatooed, with long black hair and blue eyes. He’s stubborn and selfish by nature, but brave and smart. The right amount of money can buy his loyalty to (nearly) every cause.


Born in the slums of one of millions cities, Dal never met his parents and grew up in the filthy streets, brother to thousand others abandoned children, eating what charity and petty robbery allowed.
When he was only 10, he beat an older guy to death during a fight.
The local policemen caught him, but their chief, impressed by his ability, gave him a bed, some education and regular food in the local station. In exchange for that, he would be their informer and, once grown up, one of the men in the patrols.
A good deal.. But he broke it after several years of boring routine, attracted by the stories of wealth and adventure that mercenaries used to tell in the taverns.

And so that Dal joined a small private army and had his share of money and adventure for a few years. Until, a week ago, he had a “major argument” with the captain and left, taking with him a long scar on the left arm – and leaving behind a one-armed captain and his thirst for revenge.

Time for a new change. Looking forward for the next ship leaving this f***ing city.

Dal Hon

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