Warhammer 40k -Lure of the expanse

Session Four

The vents were shut down,

Fifty seven hours left,

Until we all die


Snes tries to defuse,

But the reactor prevails,

51 remain


Untied Tech Priests,

Attempt to help Atari,

Two to surgery


Mutineers must die,

Sentenced in the airlock,

Given to dark space


Atari succeeds,

With three hours left until doom,

Five days of nothing


A blip on the screen,

No response to our hailing,

Choose to ignore it


Twelve days in the warp,

Narrowly missing black hole,

Arrive unscathed


One planet one star,

Twenty Stryaxis orbit,

Hail to trade with them


Corlaine goes aboard,

Hears a new ship approaching,

Returns with boxes


Eldar ship arrives,

Sends shuttle down to planet,

We scan it’s like earth


Launch two small shuttles,

Landing is unfortunate,

A loud sound is heard


Big ass Dragonfly,

Amorous toward shuttle,

Causing much damage


We battle the bug,

Atari fixes turret,

Blows enemy up


Corlaine spots Eldar,

He goes to seek their shuttle,

Apart from us all


On the horizon,

We spot a column of smoke,

We head towards it


asmelson93 Jenvaliant

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