Warhammer 40k -Lure of the expanse

Session 5

To preface this diary I Darrius Benetek, Scion of house Benetek have deemed it prudent to record a diary of the expedition to this mysterious planet. I came to this conclusion after a mega fauna indigenous to this world attempted to destroy our landing shuttle, and began to worry if we were to ever leave this planet. In the event that our away team perishes I hope anyone finding these notes may gleam some useful information from them

<u>Day 1.</u>

After the initial assault on our vessel Captain Picard decided we should venture towards the structure the elder landed at while we still had some hours of day light remaining. As the sun set we began to worry if we had sufficient supplies to set up camp, however as luck would have it Jeremiah Clerkson was very thorough in ensuring we were well equipped, even thinking to include Glowglobes. After we settled for the night, we decided it was in our best interest to take shifts watching the camp throughout the night to prevent any further unsavoury surprises.

Most unfortunately during my watch the camp was attacked by yet more local fauna, which I failed to notice as they approached. The beasts looked like what could only be described as human sized, winged insect creatures. These beasts also seemed to lack any form visual organ, seemingly utilising some form of echolocation. Their attack began when one of them attempted to lift me into the air and I can only assume drag me back to their nest. Luckily, however after attempting to get my crew mates attention Archmillitant Dal Hon heard the commotion and vanquished the creature with a single shot. I fell to the ground unharmed as it had not been long since I was snatched by the winged beast. In the ensuring fire fight a great many of the beasts were slain, however it seemed their numbers were only growing. Things were beginning to seem hopeless until Void Master Eidwar Duval had the ingenious idea of interfering with the echolocation of the creatures using the grenades, that once again I am thankful to Jeremiah Clerkson for thinking to include in the shuttle supplies. After the explosion went off the whole crew hit the deck as the insects flew away, attracted by the incredibly loud noise. We remained stationary like that for almost an hour as we waited for the insect swarm to disperse, worried that the swarm would return. It seemed however once dawn broke that the creature had perhaps returned to their nest, I can only assume the species is nocturnal in nature.


Day 2.

Once the camp had been packed up, the expedition once again set out towards the mysterious shining pillar. Atari Snes believes it will be at least another day or two before we are able to reach our destination, which I feel cannot come soon enough. On this planet a single day and already attacked twice by the local wild life, it really doesn’t bode well for our continued survival. At around mid morning we were contacted Corlaine Du Voss, head of the other expedition team. If I am completely honest I believed he had perished during his emergency crash landing, if the large pillar of smoke on the horizon the previous day was to give any indication. He informed us of his co-ordinates and agreed with Captain Picard to take what remained of his own expedition crew and rendezvous with us at the pillar.

As the main force continued its trek we came across a river, which at the time we thought reasonable to follow as it seemed to head in the direction of our destination. This proved to be a terrible idea, as after following the river for several hours Sister Lilith noticed several large ripples on the top of the water. These ripples turned out to be yet more highly aggressive and dangerous examples of this planets ecosystem. A 20ft long reptilian beast burst forth from the river and attempted to drag Lilith and Eidwar to a watery grave, yet due to Lilith’s warnings were able to dive out of the way just in time. The Reptile then returned into the water, assumingly preparing for another lunge and so the entire party ran for cover in tree line, as well as Lilith throwing several grenades into the water for good measure.

We had managed to cover approximately 18km during the day light hours, making good time so we may yet reach the pillar by tomorrow. Once again camp was set up, ensuring we were a comfortable distance from the accursed river. Much like the previous night we all took shifts on the watch, but now that we were aware of the swarming insects made sure to keep noises and movement to a minimum.

Day 3.

The night passed by uneventfully aside from a minor scare in which Picard had caught the attention of a straggler from the main insect swarm, luckily she was quick to put it down with her blade and so nothing came of the incident. Shortly after dawn Corlaine contacted us via radio to inform us the majority of his party was silently abducted in the night. Unable to do much about it at present we pressed on.

Not long after we had set out, the expedition happened upon a rather unusual rock formation. I however was quick to identify this as a totem of Wraithbone, a psychic sensitive material utilised in a great deal of elder construction. Being unable to pass up on such a find, I enlisted the help of Atari, Picard and Eidwar to assist me in transporting the exquisite xenos artefact. Lilith and Dal Hon, not having a taste for such things decided to continue up a nearby ridge to scout ahead.

They came back a few minutes later fairly shaken. Apparently up ahead was a cavern full of bodies belonging to the ship’s crew. This was where Corlaine’s missing expedition members had ended up. In addition the pair had also happened upon the ruins of an elder settlement. Bizarrely as Lilith was relaying this information a cat-like animal approached her from a nearby bush. Not deterred by the beings presence, she attempted to feed it some of her trail rations which it seemed to enjoy a great deal. The xenos appeared to have selected the missionary as her new master or some such nonsense, refusing to leave her side. The whole exchange seemed rather uncharacteristic for a woman so seemingly cold and staunch in her faith.


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