Warhammer 40k -Lure of the expanse

Mission Log 7

Mission Log:

The first elder falls as it is Blasted off the edge of the tower, the look of shock on the other eldars faces tells the profound effect of each and every loss. With a flash another warlock breaks its sealed psychic bubble and begins to attack. Making a swift attack with its elongated sword, the blade missed Tabitha narrowly in thime for her to counter with an attack which brishes of the Eldars armour. Imperfectly trying to assist his comrade Darrius takes a shot with his Helpistol and striking Tabitha in the leg. A flurry of fire is exchanged with no real damage incurred intil a shot makes contact with Dal Hon dropping him to the floor in agony. Enraged by this Atari goes berserk swinging his power axe around but failing to make contact with any enemy. Seeing this as an opportunity to strike Picard nails a few shots injuring the standing warlocks and finished off by Eidward and his conversation Ender. The Eldar makes another swing for Tabitha  missed and instantly regrets its mistake as tw swift strikes later the Eldar is decapitated. Gaining the upper hand the group deals with the Eldar like there is no tomorrow until just one remained in its bubble. With a shudder the real world partially phases put dropping the majority of the team and leaving Atari and Coraine dangeling on the edge of existence. Atari is able to make it back up, whilst Corlaine is saved by his lover…. Who falls into the after saving him. Corliane shrugs this off.

At the top of the tower the final elder looks as if he is about to finish of its spell. In last ditch attempts the group fires on all cylinders: flamers, axes, mind bullets and guns to no avail conjuring up some significant willpower Captain Picard raises her hand through the barrier taking a shot hitting the elder directly bringing down the shield. Kneeling there Eidward walks up to the Eldar and attempts to kick him off the tower slipping on a nearby blood spill and falling over himself only saved from certain death through Atari’s superb tendril action. Picard then finishes off the elder with a single shot.

With the action over the group regroups and see’s what they have been standing on is a STAR MAP with several planets on it but due to damage the location of the dread pearl is unknown. Darrius takes a reading of the map and is able to pinpoint the exact location of two of the planets. Using the intercom the team hails the ship and Jermiah Clerkson sends down a transport ship and helps the group blow the structure. The group have been made aware that ther ship is currenty under attack. Manning all decks the ship takes no damage from the elder vessel and in a quick and swift counter attack the groups own vessel annihilates the elder vessel completely.


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