Warhammer 40k -Lure of the expanse

Adventure Log 9

This is why we can't have nice things Jack!

From Dal Hon's log of Operations

**** SH Planet Battle operations:
* Forces involved:
Space team: me, Rogue Trader, Corlaine, Darrius (and some crew) on the ship
Ground team: Eidward, Lilith (and some crew) with the crashed transport
Atari: missing
Bad Guys: big terrain vehicle, hundred and 50 enemy soldiers
Some non-unfriendly people: reasonable-sized ship, with techs and guards
Battle development:
- bad guys shoot space team
- space team raises shields, but quite badly hit (navigation system lost)
- good Darrius answer the fire, bad guys' ground vehicle apparently damaged
- space team tactical retreat (never thought I could fly a fucking ship myself, but.. yeah)
- non-unfriendly send a transport to retrieve ground team while enemy
- missile from the ground vehicle turns out to be Atari with a jetpack, kills one fat soldier (and it's a miracle he saves his own ass)
TBD: investigate what the hell was he doing there
- bad guys' ground vehicle collapses/explodes and swipes away the enemy soldiers
- Atari seems to implode in the mist of fire but (divine intervention) reappears just near the crashed transport

**** SH Planet after-battle operations:
* Forces involved:
The non-unfriendly people
Operations development:
- ground team & Atari escorted to the non-unfriendly ship, called "The Indistructible", where the space team (safely lands and) join
- we meet the captain, Hovec (or a stupid name like this), who doesn't even know about the Emperor, but Lilith doesn't kill him
- Atari binary-chats with the tech guys on the ship while the datagram is delivered to Hovec, but he's behind the spying stuff, so no point
- Eidward is suddenly victim of a kind of alien rage-disease and shouts and threatens Hovec, who has his 20 guard shooting him on the spot. Luckily when the gunpowder mist disappears we see that they shot just around him without actually hit (the fuck! Good aim those guys). Seeing that he's going to shoot back, Lilith disarms him. TBD: check for medications against alien diseases.
- Corlaine, the Rogue Trader and Darrius reach a (difficult) agreement with Hovec:
Non un-friendly people will have: the mystery box and its content ("invisibility" cloack), some titanium (which we happen to have onboard in good quantity and they really lack on this SH Planet), and MY fucking hellgun.
We will have: the scan of their engines, the first choice on whatever we want from the relict of the "Bad guys big terrain vehicle" (either take away or to fix our ship)

**** SH Planet final operations:
* Forces involved:
Operations development:
- get whatever technical information about engine schematics of The Indistructible ship
- patch the ship enough to face the journey back
- collect all the armory around in good condition and store it on our ship
- Lilith uses her medical skills to heal the injured and also has a decent funeral for the deads (both things really helpful for the morale)
- in one week we're ready to take off

**** Space return journey & repairing operations:
* Involved forces:
"Gary" Game Cube
Operations development:
- during space journey nothing happens – some strange dreams but nothing as wharp creatures or crew mutiny
- hard landing but all are safe (an the ship was already in shit conditions)
- Atari contacts the tech-nerd friend he knew at the auction party. After some petty talk about spider legs, Atari shows a small part of the engine schemes we acquired on the SH Planet (this exchange of information between tech-nerds is disturbingly too sex-like!) and they reach an agreement.
We will have: the ship fixed in one week, some spider legs, 2000 "best quality crew"
"Gary" Game Cube will have: 100% of the engine schematics, fully erased from Atari's memory


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