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Adventure Log 12

Adventure 12

“Ativate augar sensors” commanded Rogue Trader Picard. Inputting the appropriate keys Eidward receives two pings on his screen “sensors picking something up” he exclaimed awaiting further orders. Calling in her advisors and confidents the adventurers discuss their options. “so it’s settled than, we shall send out two landers to investigate” said Picard. Immediately Dal Hon, Corlaine and Atari nominate themselves to investigate the closer blip on the screen, taking along the newly recruited marching band and a few other bodies. The engines ignite and they set of towards the first object.  A few hours pass before coming into sight of the object, and with a sense of dread the massive Imperial Cruiser looms in front of the scout team. This is a vehicle roughly three times the size of their own Frigate, armed to the teeth and with enough armour to make the most intrepid of explores rethink their life choices if engaged in combat.

Opening communication channels Dal Hon attempts to talk with the ship’s captain. Responding is the distinct voice of Lord Admiral Bastille the 2nd. “Dal Hon you hardy son of a gun, wasn’t expecting you or your team to make it this far, where’s your ship?”. Instinct told the team that Lord Admiral Bastille the 2nd was a honourable man and wouldn’t attack without provocation… well at lest he wouldn’t shoot you in the back, he was a man who preferred to twist the knife whilst looking you directly in the eye.  “we are just a few hours around the storm” exclaimed Dal Hon. “Ah fantastic, you know we could work together on this one, there’s no knowing who is may turn up” offered Bastille. The team accepted this assuming Picard would have no issue to this and the team came aboard the ___.

Corlaine not one to be out done by others with a bigger… anything, preps his band to make an almighty entrance. As the doors lowered on Star bug 2 the rhythmic drums, trumpets, brass instruments and a triangle played in unison a tune familiar to what those in the 21st Century would call “Rocket Man” by Elton John. With the team following suit, impressing Bastille and his comrades, whilst pissing off Bastilles own band.  “ Well Bravo, Bravo Indeed… I like your style” said an excited Bastille. “ Now come we must dine”. Not one for ever letting an opportunity to tinker with technology Atari successfully sneaks around the hanger, despite his spider legs clanking everywhere to upload a virus into their systems to warn himself of any weapon systems targeting.

Over dinner the two sides explain how they ended up at the Dread Pearl, with Bastille following the Eldar vessel attacking the rouge traders out of footfall to here assuming it would do so eventually. To celebrate this partnership Corlaine brings in his very expensive ‘Rat Piss’ wine before stacking it and pouring it all over Bastille. After a good amount of bull shitting, Bastille accepts this as customary when drinking this particular wine.  Over the tanoy the bridge requests Bastille to open comms with the ‘Leutee noir’ and leaves his guests in the dining room.

“Captain Picard, we have made arrangements with you team to form a partnership until the we make it planetside – do you confirm”. Picard confirms this truce and the two open up trade talks. In exchange for 6 new landers – which keep getting crashed by Eidward – they provide 30 hobbits from the space hulk, much the Picards Dismay acquiring Heavy bolters too, through providing the locations for the planets visited on route. Darrius informs everyone that certain areas of the storm are calmer than others with mere days before the storm dissipates completely. The decision made was to wait for the storm to dissipate and not risk tempting the storm. Both ships agree to patrol the system around the Warp Storm. Picking up another ping Corlaine bullies the XO of Bastilles ship to send out two landers to investigate, upon hearing no response Corliane rips into the young XO and suggests they send out another set which remains in constant comms. This time they received a semi-broken message of its an “imperi…….” (loud explosion). Upon another guilt trip from Corlaine he leaves to inform Bastille of his XO’s incompetence. The XO pulls out his gun and puts it to his head Dal Hon tries to stop him but narrowly avoids being shot in the face too. Bastille returns and calls for Picard to join his location near the ping.

Moving towards the position they identify 4 Imperium ships – one frigate and three raiders immediately launching an offensive. Whilst in motion Picard commands Eidward to attach and fly four landers to the asteroid temple recovered early and send it flying towards the other ships. Succesfully attaching and flying the asteroid out of the hold not of the ships had any time to react with one raider receiving the full force of a large metallic rock and the insane sadistic mind that thought that this was the best option… which it totally was!

Manoeuvring within firing range and immediately destroying one of  raiders with a barrage coming from both themselves and Bastilles ships. Another folly completely disables the engines of the frigate and leaves the raider in poor condition. Seeing this as an opportunity for growth Eidward manouvers the ship alongside the disabled frigate and prepares a boarding party. To avoid bloodshed Picard makes a command against the Captin Lady Sun Lee to surrender herself or face destruction, narrowly beating her willpower to take her prisoner for a hefty Ransom from her own Dynasty, acquiring a new frigate for the fleet.



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