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Adventure 10

Iron Men, Midgits & Cannibals

Day 57

After the severe damage, the ship sustained on that barren desolate hellhole of a planet, the entire crew has found itself at a loose end while Atari’s associate repairs the ship. I noticed Lilith returning to ship earlier today wielding what can only be described as an obscenely large chainsword, frankly I am not entirely sure how the missionary is able to lift. I have spent the day planning the ships next voyage with the assistance of Eidwar. The fact that every single one of the planets associated with this fabled bountiful world has been fraught with danger has done nothing to dissuade Eidwar makes me question is the man is all there. He just listens to that god forsaken music at all hours of the day. Having to spend so much time consorting with him really is beginning to wear away at my sanity.

Day 58

I could not take it any longer. I have ventured onto footfall to “relieve some pressure”, and that is all I will say on that matter. While I was attending to these needs I was shocked to find an intact (if slightly unsanitary) Navis Primer. Never have I known to find such a tome in a setting of such ill repute, but far be it from me to judge the hostesses of footfall. After some extensive disinfecting, I am confident that this tome will be fit for use.

Day 59

The Captain has requested that some of the key crew members (including myself) accompany her while she attends to some errands on footfall. While there we ran into the “admiral” whose name I not taken to time to memorise that fired upon our vessel as we initially left footfall on our expedition. This gentleman requested that we pay the previous bribe he asked for in addition to a late fee. He was accompanied by a rather large and rather burly group of security staff, and did not seem too keen to let this issue go. Picard tried to talk the man down but he was having none of it until Dal Hon threatened to “Peel off all his skin and use it to upholster a fine ottoman”. At this point he was rather keen to renegotiate his fee later.

Day 60

The repairs are complete, and the ships crewman are beginning the final checks before we cast off once again. The admiral has not showed his face since the previous day, nor has he sent any men to request his shakedown money. Hopefully this means we will be able to leave footfall while not under a hail of gunfire this time. I fear I may not have much of a chance to maintain this diary during warp travel, as navigating will take up a great deal of my time

Day 96

We have arrived at our destination. I was unable to plot a route which I was happy with, while we made it here in one piece, our travel time was a great deal longer than I had initially expected. The system we have arrived at features a star not dissimilar to our own SOL and a single lonely planet. This system also featured an asteroid belt littered with mechanical debris as well as some manner of psychic anomaly. 6 landers were dispatched to scout the asteroid field, however only 5 returned due to some rather lack lustre piloting by one of the junior void masters. The source of the anomaly turned out to be yet another of the Eldar temples, this one imbedded in the surface of an asteroid which was around 50 meters in diameter. Not wishing to venture into the unknown temple in the void of space, Atari had the bright idea of towing the rock using the lander and bringing it into the main cargo hold.

It was at this point after having successfully towed the asteroid that something rather unexpected happened. A truly enormous ship seemed to materialize above our own. The craft was imperial in origin and severely damaged. Lilith recognised it, as “The Light of Terra”, an incredibly advanced ship that went missing during the Great Crusade of Man. This ship hailed the bridge, broadcasting what I could have only assumed to be an automated message requesting aid (as well as a great deal of zealotry). After some rather hasty calculations, Eidwar believed this vessel was trapped in the gravity well of this system’s only planet, and would impact its surface in less than a day. 3 landers were dispatched and entered the vessel through its main docking bay as damage had rendered them open to the void. Once leaving the docking bays we found that the internals of the ship bizarrely had active life-support systems. There seemed to be however no signs of life aboard as crew made their way towards to bridge. Dal Hon however seemed to sudden request we stop moving, he went onto explain that patterns in the dust littering the hallways suggested recent movement of SOMETHING. Not a few moments later did the auspexes detect the movement of 2 humanoids around 30 meters down the darkened hallway. Dal Hon felt it prudent to remind us that due to poor shielding in this section of the ship, we would be likely to get vented into space if we fired our weapons. We decided to simply wait until the creatures skittered off, and continued towards the bridge. Once our group arrived, Picard noticed the skeletal remains of a man in the command chair. This gentleman was apparently likely to be Captain Draken Wroth, a legendary admiral from the days of the crusade. As Lilith approached the remains to ascertain a cause of death, the skeleton began to move.

The man explained that he has been kept alive by the command chair in which he sat; and that many of the crewman are still alive, twisted by mutation and the extended exposure to the warp. He requested that we repair numerous damaged power conduits as well as the main engines aboard the vessel, so that it may yet fly again. As the engines were likely to be the largest job, Atari suggested we all accompany him there and subsequently split up to repair the conduits. The area around the engines were filled with scrap metal sculptures of men bearing a resemblance to members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, small people inhabiting the outer areas and a group of aggressive tribesman near the gunnery decks.




Great job! :-)

Adventure 10
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