Joan-Laurie Picard

Rogue Trader


Average height with flaming red hair and hazel eyes. 24 years old. Strong-willed and curious with a thirst for adventure. She is personable and talkative, able to empathise with her fellow man but can be a bit mercenary when it comes to getting a bargain.


Joan-Laurie grew up with her father Aloysius and three brothers, Gregoire, Lucas and Nihlus, she was named for her mother who died soon after her birth and her father’s mother Joan who was the founder of the dynasty being a fierce captain. She was much younger than her brothers but did not let this deter her, she was often found stowing away on her father’s and brother’s ships. Eventually Aloysius gave up trying to stop her and at the age of 11 she was finally allowed to work aboard the family’s fleet and learn the skills of the trade. At 18 she had joined Gregoire and Lucas on a routine voyage when a mysterious malfunction caused the life systems to fail. She had been in the cargo hold doing inventory when it happened and managed to get herself and two of the crew to the emergency oxygen tanks. By the time they made their way to the bridge the majority of the crew and her brothers were dead. Joan-Laurie managed to get the ship back to port with a skeleton crew, the cause of the malfunction was never discovered. Aloysius died soon after leaving Nihlus in charge of the fleet. Since then Joan has served her brother as second-in-command but is now ready to strike out on her own.

Joan-Laurie Picard

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