Warhammer 40k -Lure of the expanse

Adventure Log 11

There is fuckery afoot

So when the Police tried to apprehend Jen she attempted to do the worm and managed to kick the Policeman's truncheon into his head fatally wounding him. She grabbed the truncheon and the taser and jumped onto the back of Matt's wheelchair. The others reversed the hijacked Uber car allowing Jen to use her impossibly strong scarf to tie the wheelchair to the back. They proceeded to the Hellfire Caves and once there the Uber driver ran away, unfortunately he tripped and broke his neck.

Valentina successfully used the Uber car to ram open the first set of gates and the rest managed to lever open the second set of gates. They made their way into the caves and caught an unsuspecting couple having sex who promptly scarpered. Ash senses psychic energy coming from the direction of the Mausoleum so they made their way there.

Upon reaching the Mausoleum we find five cultists and a corpse. Jen attempted to taser a cultist but missed and hit the corpse instead, she then tried to hit a cultist with a truncheon but again missed and hit the corpse. Cue massive fight in which Matt strangles a cultist and rips out his throat, Valentina suffocates someone with a plastic bag and Jen flailed ineffectively. Matt touches the weird knife sticking out of the corpse and goes back to his normal body but comes back again. Ash touches it and becomes himself and runs away in horror as does Dan.

Jen accidentally tasers Jack before touching the knife and becoming herself again. Valentina touches the knife and runs away. Jen stops tasering Jack who then touches the knife and runs away leaving Jen standing amongst the carnage.

Now that the crew are all back in their own bodies they find themselves in the dessert and they blow up the map thing and discover where the dread pearl is. They plot a course to the dread pearl and head towards the warp storm. The dread pearl is in sight.


asmelson93 Jenvaliant

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